If Holding Grudges had an Interest, I’d probably be a Millionaire now.

So you’ve noticed my off-title right? Well. To be honest, I am that kind of person as well. I do hold grudges too. Who doesn’t, right? Maybe if that person exists, his patience would extend up to infinity, don’t you think?

Although I hold grudges, I still know how to appreciate people. I hold my friends dearly. You may not believe it but when I really consider someone to be my true friend, I would really go out of the way just to help them. I’d literally be a goody good shoes friend that would help them clean up their mess and smack their face towards reality (If only needed). It’s just that I really value them that much that I’m willing to do all lengths for them. However, due to that attitude, I am always taken for granted by some of those friendly users.

Anyway, I do know that it’s not healthy to bear grudges. But still, you just can’t help but curse that person who did something really really hurtful to you and you know that you cannot avenge yourself, so you have no other choice but to keep it in. Until I just can’t hold it anymore and then I explode. Haha. Yeah… Seriously.

However, I could possibly hold a grudge against someone when that person really angers me up to the point that I want that person back into his mother’s womb. But, let me tell you a thing or two. I don’t get angry easily. I sure do get pissed off from time to time but if ever by any chance you angered me. Well. congratulations. 🙂 You just earned a ticket to hell.

To sum up, I am not your typical average forgiving person. It really takes time when I forgive someone else. One, Two, Three years, or maybe even at your last breath. Pretty sad, right? :O