After 11 years, I was able to have a picture with the lead singer of the band whom I had been admiring since I was in highschool

Hi! I thought I’d just write a blog about that experience. Haha. Anyway, I could say that most of you would definitely think that it was just a trivial matter but to me, it really was a big deal.

But first, I’d be posting my picture with him and his bandmate. 😊☺️. Forgive me for being soo sappy. Hahaha


So here you go. Of course the band I was referring to was Sponge Cola. I could still remember the month of February 2005 where I got a glimpse of them. I was really excited, giddy and happy. Because I decided that I’d love to see him close, I came early at the venue and stood near the stage. During their performance, I was able to hold Yael’s hand and I was like what theeee heeeck. Hahaha. That was for so much feels for being a fan girl ☺️😍

Don’t ask me how I came to remember that moment. I just do. After that concert, I was able to attend another concert of them at STC. Chris was still their drummer then (Way back in 2005) and I could remember that he wasn’t present at that gig because he was sick…

Past forward to some years after… I think it was 2011 or 2012. I was able to see him upclose at SM Manila. I was really baffled. Haha. That was my third time seeing them I think?

Fast forward to 2013… I was able to see them again at UST Paskuhan. We were supposed to go home, my friends and I. However, for some reasons and since I was really desperate… My best friend decided to go with me and watch them before we go home. She was really supportive then, and I truly love her for that. Hehe 😚😘. I could even remember what she said then, ‘Tol, sorry, di kaya ng powers ko na buhatin ka eh!. Hahaha. Whenever I remember that moment, I cannot help but laugh.

And this 29th of January 2015, after 11 years of having a crush on the lead singer of SC, I was able to get a picture with him. Seriously, I was awestruck and I never imagined that I would really be speechless. It was really a happy moment for me. 😍😘 And I definitely owe my friend for that thing. If he haven’t been a scumbag, I wouldn’t be able to take a picture with Yael. haha

Anyway, to sum it up, I have always been their fan. 😍😘😚.

Long live OPM! 😊


Movie Review: God’s Not Dead

It’s 2015 and it’s my secondΒ post! Haha. Anyway, I’ve just been recently engaged in movies and I just really want to share with everyone my review for God’s Not Dead.

To be honest, I never really knew that there’s a certain film last 2014 that dealt with Religion. I’ve just passed by a certain facebook profile (Okay, I admit I was stalking someone) and I saw it on that person’s cover photo. Deeply awed by those words, I just googled that phrase:Β God’s Not Dead and it lead me to this film! So, I’ve acquired a copy of that film and decided that maybe I should watch it today. (Err, well for some reasons… Pope Francis is here in PH so, I guess, I just wanted to watch something related to religion).

Anyway, the story revolved along Josh (a college student) who chose to stand up for God and defended Him against Professor Radison. All his classmates wrote in a sheet of paper, “God is Dead” except him. He angered his professor and let them to a mock trial. In which, Professor Radison is the Prosecutor, Josh as the Defender and the class as the jury. If Josh won, he’d pass the course and if he didn’t, well he’d fail. And his failure is very crucial since he wanted to enter law school. I could say that the movie has its flaws as well and I really was annoyed at some scenes.

To be honest, I am not a very good follower of God but I am a believer. However, it dawned on me that if I was in Josh’s position? Would I stand up for God as well? I really wasn’t able to answer it. Because I am fully aware that His followers don’t have it easy. And I assure you in the real life, I was really able to relate. But probably, I would seek for help too like what he did..

To be honest, I really pity Professor Radison since he blamed everything that happened to God. God didn’t want to take away his mother but He had to do it. And He’s not to blame if He said no to his prayers. I mean, He sure is powerful and all but there are somethings in life that we wouldn’t able to receive no matter how hard we pray or how hard we work. I mean, sometimes, we just have to suck it up and continue living and believing in Him. Although we may not understand His will at those moments of trials, I assure you that we would after we surpass them. And there’s even a bonus after each trial that we surpass, we become a better person.

The film was rated 17% in Rotten Tomatoes and it made me feel sad. Although, I could probably understand that there are some factors that were not good in the movie. The story line still missed something. And there are some movie parts that were quite confusing but its message is meaningful enough.

I just hoped that there was some kind of alternate ending though. I just wished that Prof. Radison was able to apologize to his ex-girlfriend before he died. 😦

Anyway, I would like to rate it 3.5 stars out of 5. :D. It’s a must watch, though

Because High school was indeed “AWESOME”

June 18, 2014

It has already been fiveΒ years since I have my Alma Mater. Looking back, all I ever wanted before was to end this whole high school thing. I never realized that the more that I wanted to grow up faster, the less happier I get. I never realized that my high school life was definitely the best experience ever in my school life.. You might wonder why I have brought up such topic.. It’s simply because of the reason that I was busy reading our notebook (my best friend and I’s) crime busting, detective like, spy life. Hahaha. If you were my classmate before and you happen to remember the speaking opportunity that we had when we were in our sophomore year, I cut the notebook in half right, but that was only the bogus one. HAHA. Seriously =)

Anyway, looking back at those moments, I could definitely say that I am indeed one of the luckiest persons in the world before. I mean, I was not really serious then and was taking life for granted but still, I am happily doing childish things and such. But nevertheless, if only one soul was able to look at that notebook or told our teachers, my best friend and I would definitely be out of the school. And, we might not even see each other anymore, but thank God nothing bad happened and I still have the notebook. πŸ™‚

Anyway, I am writing right now because there are a lot of things that changed. My best friend and I separated schools and we just kept on moving forward with our own lives. and I miss those times.. those times that we used to fool around.. And then I realized that we cannot do that anymore, because THINGS have finally CHANGED. :(.

If there’s only one thing that I will never regret. Having done that risky and fun thing with her. :). I wish you all the best bestfriend! I love you and miss youuuuu <3.

Throwback. My bestfriend (left) and I when we were sophomores

Throwback. My bestfriend (left) and I when we were sophomores

The notebook that brought us closer. :)

The notebook that brought us closer. πŸ™‚

That Bucketlist. :)

Hi. Since #100happydays is indeed mainstream, I decided that I make up a bucket list that I need to accomplish in my lifetime. β™₯ Sounds sweet. πŸ™‚ Hihi. πŸ™‚

1. Get back in shape and be gorgeously beautiful. (HAHA)

2. Be a Juris Doctor Student

3. Pass the BAR examinations

4. Spend my birthday in Paris, France

5. Meet someone special. β™₯

6. Go back and travel with my family in Singapore

7. Be fluent in French Language. πŸ™‚

8. Be a part of Mountaineering Club and climb a REAL mountain. πŸ™‚

9. Write my own novel.Β 

10. Take good care ofΒ a beautiful Labrador Retriever.

11. Give my parents around the world trip as my gift to them. (I really need a lot of money by then). β™₯

I will update this lateeer. :))

Book Review 2: Parang Kayo Pero Hindi by Noringai

Parang Kayo Pero Hindi Book Cover

Parang Kayo Pero Hindi Book Cover

As of March 11, 2014. I have read my second book out of 50 books that I need to read this 2014. Truth be told, this book certainly caught my attention when I first saw the title. “Parang Kayo Pero Hindi” means it’s as if you’re having mutual relationship with your special someone..but then again, you wouldn’t end up with that person because there are a lot of predicaments that would come along your way. Maybe because you/him doesn’t like any commitment, or maybe he has a girl friend and he wouldn’t break up with her just to be with you.. In reality, this is just plain bullshit πŸ™‚

So as I was saying. I intended to buy this book last February. It was supposed to be a gift for my close female cousin because I was teasing her about the experiences she had when she fell for a jerk. (Don’t be offended, I too, had fallen for a jerk before but I wanted her not to grieve because it was the end of the relationship that wasn’t even real to begin with. Instead, I want to cheer her up by teaching her life lessons based from our experiences..) Upon realizing that the book was out of stock, I opted not to buy it for her anymore.

After a month or so.. I was busy with school stuffs that I haven’t realized that I wanted to buy a copy of this book. So, I went to National Bookstore this late afternoon, March 11, in order to buy the latest book of Marcelo Santos III, Para Sa Broken Hearted Β and surprisingly I saw this book. With swooping excitement, I bought the two books. Even though it’s not really part of my budget, I was compelled to buy them. (I really loved to buy books. It’s my addiction. :P)

Upon opening the book, I was indeed certain that I would finish and devour it right away. The stories inside were very common and could happen in our daily lives but Miss Noreen Capili had a way with those words. Each words were able to pierce my heart with swords. I even cursed for many times because every word that was imprinted seemed to crush every bit of my heart..

It’s like I’ve been slapped hard in my both cheeks. I felt the wringing pain in my heart as if everything that happened flashed back before my eyes. It’s nice if I don’t remember, but then again, I remembered every bit of it. From the first time that we met to the day that I decided to end it all.

In this 100 page book, I have my own favorite mini-stories here. “the one that got away”, “the day after valentines”🌹, “the air in my lungs” and “kung bakit ako umiyak sa commercial ng mcdo”

The One That Got Away 🎼


Everyone of us have that special someone in our life that we could never ever forget. It could be a former lover, a former friend, a former person whom we had a deep connection..But one way or another, fate had a better idea of splitting us apart. I too have my one that got away. And no matter how hard I try to forget the memories that the two of us made, it simply did not fade away..

One of the lines that struck my heart was..

Maybe you’re just missing the person you once were, not the person you fell in love with.”

Based from that quote. I believe that she is definitely right. I missed the person that I once were, before.. when we we’re together, I could still remember my kindness and beaming smile, the different me then.. I missed that me badly, the innocent one who was beaming with hope and happiness. And the one who was always true to her feelings whether she knew that she would end up hurting one day. A lot has changed since then.. It has been 10 months since the day I told him that I wanted to be freed from his rain. And up to this day, I know that even though I am certain that I am not in love with him anymore, he would still be a part of me that wouldn’t fade away so easily.

The Day After Valentines


I’d be a hypocrite if I told you that I do not drink. Everyone does and if they seriously don’t drink, I know that sometime now, they would eventually do it because of their so called problems in their own lives. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a super drunkard asshole or whatever. Usually, I feel drinking whenever I wanted to drown in alcohol rather than think about all of the stupid problems that I encountered. That’s how I usually end up escaping all of those shitty endeavors. And when I experienced my first heartbreak, I drank as well.

I could possibly relate to the girl in this story in the way she hugged and loved the idea of drowning in tequila.. And usually, I end up being honest with everything whenever I am drunk. 😐 The good thing is when I only sleep right away after being drunk.. :).

And my story is not really the day after valentines. It should be two days before valentines. I still remember it clearly. How I smiled to that person who holds a place in my heart. But then again, I never knew what his true intentions where. I wish that he would stop trying to give me false hints because I really don’t want to make the same mistake again..

But who am I to tell him to stop? Just NOBODY. NOBODY again..

The Air in My Lungs


My one that got away was similar to the air in my lungs. I also had the similar story with the author. I was inlove with the wrong guy up to the point that I really did became stupid and did all I could do for that person. Bottom line, he treated me like shit. And then, I gave up. But for now. I am genuinely happy that I did got away from him.

I do agree that there are still resentments lingering in me likeΒ “what if I never met him? I guess that things would be better if I just minded my own business.“. But then again, if not for him, I wouldn’t be the person I am now. I thank him for the heartaches that he gave me because I am a strong willed person now. I wouldn’t be the same if not for him..

So in the future, I would thank the boy whom I met not because we would end up together but because he molded me into what I am now. πŸ™‚

To sum it up, this book would really give you a warm feeling. And you would eventually be able to reflect on your life. Seriously. I would rate it. 4.35 stars out of 5 for giving me satisfaction and hurting me well. Hahaha.

Buy your copies now! :))