After 11 years, I was able to have a picture with the lead singer of the band whom I had been admiring since I was in highschool

Hi! I thought I’d just write a blog about that experience. Haha. Anyway, I could say that most of you would definitely think that it was just a trivial matter but to me, it really was a big deal.

But first, I’d be posting my picture with him and his bandmate. 😊☺️. Forgive me for being soo sappy. Hahaha


So here you go. Of course the band I was referring to was Sponge Cola. I could still remember the month of February 2005 where I got a glimpse of them. I was really excited, giddy and happy. Because I decided that I’d love to see him close, I came early at the venue and stood near the stage. During their performance, I was able to hold Yael’s hand and I was like what theeee heeeck. Hahaha. That was for so much feels for being a fan girl ☺️😍

Don’t ask me how I came to remember that moment. I just do. After that concert, I was able to attend another concert of them at STC. Chris was still their drummer then (Way back in 2005) and I could remember that he wasn’t present at that gig because he was sick…

Past forward to some years after… I think it was 2011 or 2012. I was able to see him upclose at SM Manila. I was really baffled. Haha. That was my third time seeing them I think?

Fast forward to 2013… I was able to see them again at UST Paskuhan. We were supposed to go home, my friends and I. However, for some reasons and since I was really desperate… My best friend decided to go with me and watch them before we go home. She was really supportive then, and I truly love her for that. Hehe 😚😘. I could even remember what she said then, ‘Tol, sorry, di kaya ng powers ko na buhatin ka eh!. Hahaha. Whenever I remember that moment, I cannot help but laugh.

And this 29th of January 2015, after 11 years of having a crush on the lead singer of SC, I was able to get a picture with him. Seriously, I was awestruck and I never imagined that I would really be speechless. It was really a happy moment for me. 😍😘 And I definitely owe my friend for that thing. If he haven’t been a scumbag, I wouldn’t be able to take a picture with Yael. haha

Anyway, to sum it up, I have always been their fan. 😍😘😚.

Long live OPM! 😊


Movie Review: God’s Not Dead

It’s 2015 and it’s my secondΒ post! Haha. Anyway, I’ve just been recently engaged in movies and I just really want to share with everyone my review for God’s Not Dead.

To be honest, I never really knew that there’s a certain film last 2014 that dealt with Religion. I’ve just passed by a certain facebook profile (Okay, I admit I was stalking someone) and I saw it on that person’s cover photo. Deeply awed by those words, I just googled that phrase:Β God’s Not Dead and it lead me to this film! So, I’ve acquired a copy of that film and decided that maybe I should watch it today. (Err, well for some reasons… Pope Francis is here in PH so, I guess, I just wanted to watch something related to religion).

Anyway, the story revolved along Josh (a college student) who chose to stand up for God and defended Him against Professor Radison. All his classmates wrote in a sheet of paper, “God is Dead” except him. He angered his professor and let them to a mock trial. In which, Professor Radison is the Prosecutor, Josh as the Defender and the class as the jury. If Josh won, he’d pass the course and if he didn’t, well he’d fail. And his failure is very crucial since he wanted to enter law school. I could say that the movie has its flaws as well and I really was annoyed at some scenes.

To be honest, I am not a very good follower of God but I am a believer. However, it dawned on me that if I was in Josh’s position? Would I stand up for God as well? I really wasn’t able to answer it. Because I am fully aware that His followers don’t have it easy. And I assure you in the real life, I was really able to relate. But probably, I would seek for help too like what he did..

To be honest, I really pity Professor Radison since he blamed everything that happened to God. God didn’t want to take away his mother but He had to do it. And He’s not to blame if He said no to his prayers. I mean, He sure is powerful and all but there are somethings in life that we wouldn’t able to receive no matter how hard we pray or how hard we work. I mean, sometimes, we just have to suck it up and continue living and believing in Him. Although we may not understand His will at those moments of trials, I assure you that we would after we surpass them. And there’s even a bonus after each trial that we surpass, we become a better person.

The film was rated 17% in Rotten Tomatoes and it made me feel sad. Although, I could probably understand that there are some factors that were not good in the movie. The story line still missed something. And there are some movie parts that were quite confusing but its message is meaningful enough.

I just hoped that there was some kind of alternate ending though. I just wished that Prof. Radison was able to apologize to his ex-girlfriend before he died. 😦

Anyway, I would like to rate it 3.5 stars out of 5. :D. It’s a must watch, though

Sometimes I wish that I were born on the 29th of December instead

Hey! It’s been so long since I have posted in this blog… Hahaha. For about 25 days ago.. Anyway. Well, yeah. As you’ve seen on my title, my birthday is a day before the 29th. In short, the 28th of December. Maybe, you’d be raising your eyebrows and mutter to yourself that you don’t give a shit in whatever I post. In my defense, this is my blog and I just want to type anything that flows in my mind. Haha πŸ™‚ Kidding. I know that I make some lousy introductions in my blog but please let me have this one okay? After all, it’s my day. Haha. :). So here I go…

Ever since I turned 16,Β something has jinxed one of my favorite days of the year, the 28th of December. I do know for most of us, we consider our day special, in a sense that we could possibly relax or do anything that we’d love to do. However, something bad happened that day. And I can’t remember but I knew that it was really the start of my jinx. (As awful as it sounds, I kept jinxing my birthday and I tend to get negative vibes during the day itself. And for seven years straight. Huhu.)

Although I tend to get pissed off every birthday that I have for seven years straight, something good happens the day after :). Yeah. So sometimes I feel like 29 is the legit day that I was born. =))

I won’t go into details about what happened in the 28th of December but I’ll just fast forward to the day after. πŸ™‚

December 29, 2014

I woke up at exactly 5:30 am despite our late arrival last night. I checked my tablet and saw the time so I just read some manga and waited for 6:30 am so I could take a shower and fix myself. I tried calling my friend Paulina because we’re supposed to meet at 7:30 am but she’s not yet answering my calls. When it was 7:00 am I started panicking because I realized that maybe she’s still asleep. And hence, our meeting was postponed for about 2 hours. And we’re delayed by two hours. 😦 *sobs*. Anyway, when I met her, I saw that she was quite guilty because her cousins arrived last night and they bonded. Usual chatting and stuffs that cousins do. And unfortunately, she slept past 3 am and that’s one valid reason why she’s late. So, to make up for the lost time, she bought me an egg mcmuffin meal. Haha. I haven’t eaten any breakfast yet and she already ate at home. =) But still, we ate during our Trip to Cavite. Haha. πŸ˜‰

Paulina and I during our ride to Cavite

Paulina and I during our ride to Cavite

We had a fast trip up and arrived at Bacoor at 11am. However, the traffic enforcers were rampant there. So, we arrived at our meeting place BDO, Imus at 11:45 am. I seriously knew that Allison, our driver was indeed annoyed. Hahaha. Sorry Allison! Upon meeting him, we both sat at the back seat in order to annoy him and make him feel like a driver during our trip to tagaytay. I do know that he really was quite annoyed but I really like to annoy my close friends so what the hell. =)

Hey! Don't be mad at us, here's Teddy, he could sit on the passenger's seat so you won't be lonely. :)

Hey! Don’t be mad at us, here’s Teddy, he could sit on the passenger’s seat so you won’t be lonely. πŸ™‚

As Allison was driving, we got into usual topics about love, heart breaks and some sort of signs that we both were praying for. I even told them stories and they were quite amused and horrified at the same time. I just went poker face for a while. :). So it was about past 1 pm when we arrived at Tagaytay. Allison was annoyed because I was consistent in asking him if we’re near tagaytay. And because he was annoyed at some point, he told me this, “Anong akala mo sa Tagaytay, sa Kanto lang?” or in english, “Do you think that Tagaytay is just around the corner?” I laughed really hard. HAHA. I told them that I want to eat Bulalo since Tagaytay is famous when it comes to that food. To be honest, I really would love to explore more with these two but I have to meet my high school friends at around 6 so, we literally JUST ATE at TAGAYTAY.

Anyway, after some thorough annoying discussion we’ve decided that we would just eat at Bulalo Point. And we were really trying to figure out where the hell it’s located because our driver said that it’s located past picnic grove that we never found out that there’s also a branch near us. As in literally outside. And when I noticed, I laugh hard. I said. “Eh ayun lang pala yung BulaloPoint eh!” Allison apologized and it was really comical. =)

Outside Bulalo Point that was only around the corner! :)

Outside Bulalo Point that was only around the corner! πŸ™‚

Upon arrival, I’ve noticed that there are many people inside that restaurant. It seems that this restaurant is popular and I thought that maybe it’s safe to eat there since there are many people eating when we arrived. True to my guess, that restaurant didn’t disappoint me because when the food arrived, I really wanted to dig in right away. Plus it’s really cheap for this amount of food.

It's Lunch Time!

It’s Lunch Time!

I only spent less than 1000 pesos for this meals with rice and drinks included. Haha. The food was really delicious especially the Bulalo. That Bulalo which is already good for 3-4 persons, you can only get at the price of 300 pesos. :). Sulit na sulit. Plus the view was really good and it’s cold. So it’s nice to eat some warm soup there. πŸ™‚

Yeah. We're enjoying our meal :D

Yeah. We’d enjoyed our meal πŸ™‚ ❀

Plus there’s this some serenading group. As in, you’d never imagine that you’d be serenaded. I thought that they were just singing because someone had their birthday or what. Or they just called them so that they’d sing for them. I never imagined that they’d be singing right behind us. I can’t even remember what they sang first and then the girl asked what song I’d like to hear. I told her Fall For You by Secondhand serenade. However, the group doesn’t know the chords, so the lady just improvised a song. And I was really surprised when I heard her singing “Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran”. It was really like a WTF moment. :'(. Of all songs, why that? Huhu </3

Seriously. of all the songs. Why that? :(

Seriously. of all the songs. Why that? 😦

So I never even imagined that Allison was recording my reaction to that song. Boy. the video was really hilarious and no, I’m not gonna upload that video. :P.

Hello Ed Sheeran!.

Haha. I even inserted the song. So anyway, continuing my story. I paid and we left there towards our next destination, Rowena’s. Upon our arrival at the place. We were like little kids because we were forced to park underground and our car was the only one parked there. Pretty creepy, ‘ayt?

Seriously, what were we doing here??

Seriously, what were we doing here??

Then we headed upstairs and saw the beautiful view there. So we started to take pictures first before we went inside the cafe.

Breath taking view

Breathtaking view

And so far, here’s my favorite picture of them all.

Tehee. That pose. :)

Tehee. That pose. πŸ™‚

I know right. Sorry for my vain-ness! hahaha. πŸ™‚ Anyway, we decided to have dessert at Rowena’s and I ordered a blueberry cheesecake and the two of them ordered red velvet cake. :). I’ve had enough of Red velvet. And they weren’t really lying when they told me that the pastries and cakes at Rowena’s are definitely one of the best. :).

Taste of Heaven  β™₯ :)

Taste of Heaven β™₯ πŸ™‚

And we also managed to take pictures during our stay. Hahaha. Damn. Sometimes I wonder if I just somehow become a cam whore when I’m with them. =)



Afterwards, Paulina and I went North Bound and thankfully, Allison drove us up to MOA. Seriously, it was way too traffic and I really panicked. Oh by the way, we have a music video of Ed Sheeran’s thinking out loud but I wouldn’t upload it anymore because it’s way too embarrassing… So, I became nice and sat in the passengers seat. and we’re off to manila! =)

Take me into your loving arms. β™₯ β™ͺβ™«β™ͺ

Take me into your loving arms. β™₯ β™ͺβ™«β™ͺ

Upon arriving at MOA, I noticed it’s already 15 minutes to 7 pm and I really panicked. But fortunately, Paulina and I just road a taxi and we arrived at Glorietta 5. We went to Yabu for our dinner. Paulina met my best friend Rona and close friend Iryss. πŸ™‚

Dinner with them :)

Dinner with them πŸ™‚

I really am full by that time that I just forced myself into eating what’s in my plate. I’m sorry but I didn’t enjoy my dinner well. Hahaha. Sorry.. πŸ™‚ After dinner, we went to see the lights and it was really magical.

HS Friends at Ayala Lights <3

HS Friends at Ayala Lights ❀

Hello there best friend! :)

Hello there best friend! πŸ™‚



Breathtaking Lights

Breathtaking Lights

I really enjoyed seeing those lights even though it was only due for a short while. Haha. Upon riding MRT on the way home, my wish to see fireworks that night was fulfilled. I saw a beautiful fireworks display and then I knew, I really had a blast.

Plus, even though I arrived late at home. My dad let me be. He didn’t scold me or what-so-ever. πŸ™‚ I do hope that next year, the 29th of December would still be awesome! πŸ™‚

And there you have it guys :P! OMG! Look at the time. It’s already 7:30 PM and I haven’t even finished reading chapter 3. I’m soooo dead. Gosh. I need to pick up the pace now. 😦 huhu. Have a great night/day everyone.

If Holding Grudges had an Interest, I’d probably be a Millionaire now.

So you’ve noticed my off-title right? Well. To be honest, I am that kind of person as well. I do hold grudges too. Who doesn’t, right? Maybe if that person exists, his patience would extend up to infinity, don’t you think?

Although I hold grudges, I still know how to appreciate people. I hold my friends dearly. You may not believe it but when I really consider someone to be my true friend, I would really go out of the way just to help them. I’d literally be a goody good shoes friend that would help them clean up their mess and smack their face towards reality (If only needed). It’s just that I really value them that much that I’m willing to do all lengths for them. However, due to that attitude, I am always taken for granted by some of those friendly users.

Anyway, I do know that it’s not healthy to bear grudges. But still, you just can’t help but curse that person who did something really really hurtful to you and you know that you cannot avenge yourself, so you have no other choice but to keep it in. Until I just can’t hold it anymore and then I explode. Haha. Yeah… Seriously.

However, I could possibly hold a grudge against someone when that person really angers me up to the point that I want that person back into his mother’s womb. But, let me tell you a thing or two. I don’t get angry easily. I sure do get pissed off from time to time but if ever by any chance you angered me. Well. congratulations. πŸ™‚ You just earned a ticket to hell.

To sum up, I am not your typical average forgiving person. It really takes time when I forgive someone else. One, Two, Three years, or maybe even at your last breath. Pretty sad, right? :O

I still long for it even if 5 years had already passed… (3AM Realizations)

Ever since I was a little kid, I always knew that I was different. When the teacher asks my classmates what they wanted to become someday, they always say, “I want to become a doctor so that I could help other people.” And gladly, I was not one of them. It was a different case for me. Whenever I was asked that question, my response would be, “I want to become a lawyer someday.” And then, they’d immediately ask why. But since, I am innocent and full of passion then, I would proudly reply, “Because I want to become the President of the Philippines someday.” And after that, I’d always see a smile that always bothered me then. And I only realized when I grew up that it was a smirk.

But it was a different case for some of my relatives. They would ask me that question and they (grownups) would usually laugh and comment afterwards “Wala na sigurong Pilipinas by that time.” I’d be so pissed off that I would walk out of the room. (And yeah, I realized by now that it’d be totally impossible for me to become the President of the Philippines but still I was a kid then and my dreams are way up high.)

Despite all of those jeers and discouraging remarks from my peers and my relatives, there was this one person who believed in me and that was Gramps. He genuinely cared about my dreams and he motivated me to push through that career. Up until I was in the sixth grade, I genuinely believed that I could pull that career off. I could even remember what I wrote in an english class when we were asked to create our own Epitaph. I wrote, “Here lies the body of a great lawyer who genuinely cared for others. Cause of Death: Assassination.” And when I think about that now, it kind of sounds morbid. I mean, my classmates wrote that they would die due to old age and I wrote assassination?! Seriously, was I even thinking of becoming a hero then, huh? (Too Ambitious. Tsk. Tsk.)

However, as we grow up, we tend to realize that our dreams when we were still kids are way too hard for us to achieve. And the depressing result is we’re going to settle for something less than that. Or even worse, we’d just grab up something that we’ve never really wanted but is already in front of us. (Choosy pa ba? Ayan na nga sa harap mo eh!) So when I was in my final year of my secondary education, I never got in my choice for law school. It really devastated me that it made me think that maybe that dream will never become a reality. It even got to the point that maybe those people who laughed at me before were right. So I just kept that dream locked in some place far away, pretending it never existed in the first place. I never realized that time passed fleetingly that I just woke up one day enrolling myself in an Engineering School.

To be honest, I’d almost forgotten my passion when I studied in that school. Too many school requirements to finish but there’s too little time. I could still remember that I’d sleep at midnight only to wake up at 3 in the morning in order to finish those requirements. It was really effective then. However, little did I know that the more you bury your feelings inside, the more hard it’d be for you to control it when it resurfaced. And yeah, that realization hit me 6 months before graduation. I still love law. I still long to be a lawyer. And this time, I’d do whatever it takes to become one.

I know some people would definitely object to my decision and say that I’d be wasting my bachelor’s degree if I wouldn’t be able to practice it. To be honest, I’d also feel some guilty feelings if I wouldn’t be able to practice my profession. But what can I do? It’s the key to my happiness. Should I just let things be and be forever thinking about what could happen should I have chosen law despite its consequences? Well, I don’t really want to spend my life regretting things and thinking about those stupid ‘what if phrases that ran constantly into my mind’. I don’t want to live my life like that so this time, I’d be definitely chasing my dreams.

I’ve been always a fan of this saying: ‘If there’s a will, there’s a way.’ =). If you really want something so bad, you’d definitely do whatever you can to have it. And you’d be surprised when you realized that you could also do things that you’ve never even imagine you’d do. In conclusion, I sure will do reach for it, as soon as I’m done with these things that I need to prioritize first. And I’m still young so I guess I could pull that one off. Haha. πŸ™‚

PS. Releasing stress by writing really feels great. :)).

Because High school was indeed “AWESOME”

June 18, 2014

It has already been fiveΒ years since I have my Alma Mater. Looking back, all I ever wanted before was to end this whole high school thing. I never realized that the more that I wanted to grow up faster, the less happier I get. I never realized that my high school life was definitely the best experience ever in my school life.. You might wonder why I have brought up such topic.. It’s simply because of the reason that I was busy reading our notebook (my best friend and I’s) crime busting, detective like, spy life. Hahaha. If you were my classmate before and you happen to remember the speaking opportunity that we had when we were in our sophomore year, I cut the notebook in half right, but that was only the bogus one. HAHA. Seriously =)

Anyway, looking back at those moments, I could definitely say that I am indeed one of the luckiest persons in the world before. I mean, I was not really serious then and was taking life for granted but still, I am happily doing childish things and such. But nevertheless, if only one soul was able to look at that notebook or told our teachers, my best friend and I would definitely be out of the school. And, we might not even see each other anymore, but thank God nothing bad happened and I still have the notebook. πŸ™‚

Anyway, I am writing right now because there are a lot of things that changed. My best friend and I separated schools and we just kept on moving forward with our own lives. and I miss those times.. those times that we used to fool around.. And then I realized that we cannot do that anymore, because THINGS have finally CHANGED. :(.

If there’s only one thing that I will never regret. Having done that risky and fun thing with her. :). I wish you all the best bestfriend! I love you and miss youuuuu <3.

Throwback. My bestfriend (left) and I when we were sophomores

Throwback. My bestfriend (left) and I when we were sophomores

The notebook that brought us closer. :)

The notebook that brought us closer. πŸ™‚